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Favourite Things 2018

As the holiday season quickly approaches we wanted to share the Hilary Druxman team’s current favourite pieces of jewelry! Be inspired and discover awesome gift ideas from our staff’s favourite picks of the season. Shop our favourite things from the list below! 1. Hilary- Oxidized Micro Star Necklace 2. Jennifer- Friends of Dyslexia Feather Necklace […]


CancerCare Manitoba Earrings


Kendra’s Walk Rose Necklace


Kendra’s Walk Rose Necklace


Kendra’s Walk Rose Necklace


CancerCare Manitoba Bracelet

It Feels Good to Give Back

Every year we are overwhelmed by the great response we receive towards our collection of Good Works necklaces. As we prepare to send out semi annual donation cheques we take time to reflect on our community’s generosity. So many Good Works necklaces serve as gifts for friends, family, coworkers and for customers themselves (everyone needs […]


CancerCare Manitoba Necklace