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Giving with Gratitude and Generosity

Generosity often reminds us to be grateful for our own well-being. Extend your generosity by choosing gifts for your special friends and family from our Good Works Collection. Proceeds from your purchase are directed to community partner organizations that support the health and well-being of people, families, animals, the environment and more. Choose hand-crafted jewelry […]

The Bracelet; One or More

Historically, bracelets are one of the oldest forms of jewelry and are worn by cultures all over the world. They are accessories that have maintained in constant admiration; serving as family heirlooms and timeless aaccessories. When worn individually, a single bracelet serves as an understated accent. When repeated, it becomes a bold statement that adds […]

The Perfect Bridesmaids Gifts

Finding the perfect bridesmaids gift can be a difficult task. What gifts are appropriate? How much should you spend? Are you obligated to get everyone the same gift? We have answers for you!   Choosing a Gift Generally, you want your bridesmaids’ gifts to be timeless and multifunctional… perhaps a nice piece of jewelry? We […]

Spring Cleaning

Pro Tips: Our favourite at home remedies for cleaning your jewelry

Because you shop local

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for every person who walked through our door and clicked through to our website this year. It means so much to us that customers chose to shop local and support our business. Below are five ways you made an impact by shopping local. Because you shop local…¬† Local jobs are […]

Spring in the city

When you are located in a city with such long cold winters, spring is like a breath of fresh air.¬†Winnipeger’s appreciate spring like no other season and take advantage of all the sunshine and greenery the city has to offer. Any chance to sneak out of the office and enjoy the outdoors is always taken. […]

A Day In The Life Featuring Hilary Druxman’s Collection No. 61

An outfit will never be complete until you add the right jewelry to tie it together. The ¬†recently launched Collection No. 61 jewelry by Hilary Druxman, provides the perfect pieces to complement any look. Styled alone as a statement or layered with your other favourite pieces, Collection No. 61 features new textures that suit any […]