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The Stars in Our Constellation

The Stars in Our Constellation   – Morgan Fontaine Just as the night sky constellations spark our imagination and wonder, the stars at Hilary Druxman Design spark creativity, evolution and collaboration. Our vibrant connections with customers elicit exciting collaborations in design… Read More

Beauty in Balance

Beauty in Balance  – Morgan Fontaine All in nature illustrates the beautiful perfection of balance and symmetry,  simplicity and grace. The massive spread of an eagle’s wings, the delicate poise of a sparrow on a twig, the perfect formation of… Read More

Explore the Exchange

Explore the Exchange –  Morgan Fontaine As the lovely, long summer hours stretch our days, people are increasingly out and about in our neighborhood, the historic Exchange District of Winnipeg, exploring the heritage buildings, unique shops and restaurants, First Fridays… Read More


The Magic of Milestones – Morgan Fontaine Milestones, like unicorns, are know for embracing the magic of life. While unicorns are far more elusive, milestones are found all along the path of a lifetime. Milestones are the markers of life… Read More

Celebrating Mom

Tapestry – Morgan Fontaine   Our life stories are tapestries, woven from the threads of the lives, relationships and experiences of those who came before us, those with us now, and those yet to come.  The mother figures in our… Read More


The Stars are Shining Inside Hilary Druxman Design– Morgan Fontaine When you walk into the Hilary Druxman Design studio, you feel stardust shimmering all around you. It’s not only the sparkling display of modern, handcrafted, elegant jewelry, but something else… Read More

Celebrating 25 Years!

The Stars are Dancing Over Hilary Druxman Design– Morgan Fontaine   In March 2019, we’re celebrating 25 years of design excellence, master craftsmanship and business success. Hilary Druxman Design had its beginning in the icy basement of Hilary’s Winnipeg home, where… Read More

Winter Inspiration

The Winter Season Inspires Jewelry –Morgan Fontaine As the North Pole tips away from the sun, the colours and textures of the earth, animals, trees and skies change. The winter environment also inspires jewelry creations and choices. The winter season… Read More

Favourite Things 2018

As the holiday season quickly approaches we wanted to share the Hilary Druxman team’s current favourite pieces of jewelry! Be inspired and discover awesome gift ideas from our staff’s favourite picks of the season. Shop our favourite things from the… Read More

Giving with Gratitude and Generosity

Generosity often reminds us to be grateful for our own well-being. Extend your generosity by choosing gifts for your special friends and family from our Good Works Collection. Proceeds from your purchase are directed to community partner organizations that support… Read More