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Pause-itivity- Morgan Sizeland Fontaine  In troubled times such as these, we remember that we are all in this together as we collectively pause to protect our beloved community. Despite the stress and hardships we are facing, “pause-itivity” allows time for some moments of grace, time for reflection, reaching out and self-care. Like most at this time, […]

Share the Love

Share the Love  – Morgan Sizeland Fontaine   Hilary Druxman inspires clients to share love by giving and receiving with an open heart, sharing what we have, helping when we can, and caring when someone needs us. Just as the moon’s gravitational pull generates a tidal force, causing high and low tides, love and caring […]

Favourite Things 2019

The Holidays will be here before we know it so we wanted to share the Hilary Druxman team’s favourite pieces of jewellery this year! Get inspired to find the perfect gift from our staff picks. Shop our Favourite Things from the list below, or shop the complete collection here ! 1. Lamar- Misericordia Foundation Angel […]

Distinctive Expression

Distinctive Expression…and a Trunk Show! – Morgan Sizeland Fontaine In nature, from elephants to humans, no two are alike. Each is a unique and beautiful creation, in physical appearance, personality, inner qualities and spiritual essence. From earliest times, humans used materials from nature to express their personal identity. Hilary Druxman Design incorporates nature’s gifts, metals […]

The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect – Morgan Sizeland Fontaine   Life is about making choices. Like a stone dropped into water, every choice has a ripple effect. We don’t often know how profound the effect may be but the possibilities are endless. Every person has the power to create a ripple, or even a tsunami, by their […]

The Stars in Our Constellation

The Stars in Our Constellation   – Morgan Fontaine Just as the night sky constellations spark our imagination and wonder, the stars at Hilary Druxman Design spark creativity, evolution and collaboration. Our vibrant connections with customers elicit exciting collaborations in design of new, custom and restyled jewelry. Consultation opens all possibilities for the creation of unique, […]

Beauty in Balance

Beauty in Balance  – Morgan Fontaine All in nature illustrates the beautiful perfection of balance and symmetry,  simplicity and grace. The massive spread of an eagle’s wings, the delicate poise of a sparrow on a twig, the perfect formation of geese in flight, the natural world is a creation of balance. We too can live […]

Explore the Exchange

Explore the Exchange –  Morgan Fontaine As the lovely, long summer hours stretch our days, people are increasingly out and about in our neighborhood, the historic Exchange District of Winnipeg, exploring the heritage buildings, unique shops and restaurants, First Fridays arts events, galleries and pop-ups. Summer is a gentle time to explore your own jewelry […]


The Magic of Milestones – Morgan Fontaine Milestones, like unicorns, are know for embracing the magic of life. While unicorns are far more elusive, milestones are found all along the path of a lifetime. Milestones are the markers of life events, from birthdays to graduations, engagements, marriages and achievements of all kinds. They may be […]

Celebrating Mom

Tapestry – Morgan Fontaine   Our life stories are tapestries, woven from the threads of the lives, relationships and experiences of those who came before us, those with us now, and those yet to come.  The mother figures in our lives are central within the threads that bind us. These are the threads that shape […]