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Winter Inspiration

The Winter Season Inspires JewelryMorgan Fontaine

As the North Pole tips away from the sun, the colours and textures of the earth, animals, trees and skies change. The winter environment also inspires jewelry creations and choices.

The winter season is reflected in jewelry created with winter metals and colours. Cool silver-brushed, shiny or oxidized black- exudes the icy beauty of winter in nature. To call down the rays of the sun, gold is a bright and warming choice.

White and black pearls, stunning quartz, onyx, moonstone, crystals and diamonds, all reminiscent of sparkling snow and blue-black ice, are among many stones perfectly set in silver. White and grey colours mimic the clouds of the North sky, while dark tones evoke the soaring beauty of trees and shadows stretching to touch the low-lying sun on the horizon.

This is also the season for winter birthstones. For January, warm up to the sun with the deep red of garnet. February’s evening skies are reflected in the wide-ranging purple tones of amethyst. March mirrors frozen blue-green waters and aquamarines.

Embrace the wonders of the winter season with the jewelry choices you make and the loved ones you hold close.

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