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The Stars are Shining Inside Hilary Druxman DesignMorgan Fontaine

When you walk into the Hilary Druxman Design studio, you feel stardust shimmering all around you. It’s not only the sparkling display of modern, handcrafted, elegant jewelry, but something else that stirs the heart.

It’s the starlight shining from within each member of the Druxman team. Linked together like stars in a constellation, each shines with their own brilliance. Created on a foundation of leadership, mindful teamwork and team trust, this constellation of our stars is at the heart of Hilary Druxman Design.

In our constellation, team members respect and care for each other deeply. We value each other with the clear, bright clarity of starlight: appreciate creativity, honor individuality, and rely on each other.

Our constellation is upheld by conscious fusion of imagination, innovation, collaboration and productivity. The precise alignment of our star power connects our team members to each other and to our valued clients.

These are the qualities of our team, as ever-present as the constellations we look up to. We feel the star shimmer lighting up the best in us, our shared values and the human connections we hold close.

Are we really made of stardust? The science is clear. As astronomer Carl Sagan famously said, “We’re made of star stuff”.

Our starlight shimmers with laughter and happiness arising from the simple joys of clarity of purpose, accomplishment and the invisible silver threads that bond a diverse team of highly skilled individuals into one brilliant constellation.

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One thought on “Teamwork

  • Kimberley Halowaty says:

    I’m really glad to see that you are doing something to benefit the ALS Society. My father passed away on June 15/2018 from ALS, and I’ve been volunteering in Virden MB for the past two years hosting a fundraising Texas Hold em in honor of ALS patients. I’ve worked with the wonderful ladies from the ALS Society of Manitoba and am glad to see further support for this terrible disease. Thanks, Kim Halowaty (Father was Paul Stefaniuk from Beausejour MB who would be 81 tomorrow! On another note, my daughter Meagan Halowaty Essar loves the bracelet I purchased from Hilary Druxman for her birthday in March. Thanks again, this is great to see, Kim! I’m just posting this as a private post to you. Thanks again.

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