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Spring in the city

When you are located in a city with such long cold winters, spring is like a breath of fresh air.¬†Winnipeger’s appreciate spring like no other season and take advantage of all the sunshine and greenery the city has to offer. Any chance to sneak out of the office and enjoy the outdoors is always taken. Heavy coats, mittens and hats are packed away and individual expressions of fashion really start to show.

For this shoot we were inspired by the people walking around our neighbourhood and all the different styles we have been seeing this spring. We created a look that incorporated the different trends and had lots of fun mixing different metals and stones. We get asked time and time again “Can you mix and layer different metals?” and the answer is always yes.

Tucked away from the concrete of downtown Winnipeg and in the far corner of the Exchange District on Waterfront Drive is the lovely Stephen Juba Park, and where all of our pictures were taken.


Waterfront drive Winnipeg

Steven Juba Park, Winnipeg

Hilary Druxman Jewelry

Stephen Juba Park

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Hilary Druxman Jewelry

Hilary Druxman

Winnipeg, Manitoba