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Spring Cleaning – Jewelry Recycling

Spring is a time to clear out the old and turn it into something new!

We thought we would follow our last post about up-cycled gold jewelry with sharing how you can recycle your previously loved pieces.

If you have a collection of jewelry that just sits in your jewelry box year after year consider repurposing it with a free consultation with Hilary. She will sit down with you and discuss some options in deconstructing the old designs and reworking them into new fresh pieces you will enjoy wearing.

Options are almost limitless in terms of what we can do with your old jewelry. Metal can be recycled to give you a credit toward a custom piece or new purchase. We can remove stones from jewelry and reuse them in new pieces. Some pieces just need a facelift to become modernized or updated with different metal.

We know your pieces often hold a lot of sentimental value and we are sensitive to this in our process. To make an appointment contact us toll free at 1 (877) 212-8122 or (204) 947-1322 or email [email protected]

3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning – Jewelry Recycling

  • aeileen Eisele says:

    I love your jewlery and have a treasured bracelet. I lve in Boston but am very intetested in your recycle idea you mention on your site. Is it possible to do it remotely/? I have several pieces I would like to upcycle.

    Let me know

  • Hilary Druxman says:

    Hi Eileen,
    To get pieces up-cycled long distance is definitely something we can do!
    Please call us at 1.877.212.8122 and speak with Hilary first for more details on how you’d like to up-cycle the pieces.
    Typically after you speak with her you would take a picture of the items before sending them by FedEx (for your records). You would need to provide us with your contact information including phone number in the package.

    Look forward to hearing from you!

  • Great info, many people don’t think that this is a time to do recycling like this or even think to recycle this stuff. Thanks for this!

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