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Every Drop Counts

The water necklace was an idea conceived by the St. Mary’s Academy Human Rights Team for their yearly philanthropic project. When the group moved on, we decided to continue with the project and have partnered with various organizations that focus on clean drinking water. Our amazing customer support has allowed us to build three wells throughout the world. Our latest donation was to Generosity Water, and we are excited to announce a new well has been built in Adewuka, Accra, Ghana!

Hilary Druxman - Generosity.org - H20 Necklace - Philanthropy

Ghana is one of the most densely populated countries in the African continent, and although 80% of Ghana’s population has access to clean water, this statistic masks the extreme inequality between rural and urban areas. In rural areas, more than a third of Ghanaian people don’t have access to clean water, and nearly 90% do not have access to sanitation.

Generosity.org is helping to overcome these challenges, and out of the 18 countries the organization has worked in, Ghana is home to the most Generosity.org projects—with a total of 262 wells built to bring clean drinking water to over 184,900 people.

Generosity.org - Hilary Druxman - Well - H20 Necklace

For our next donation we would like to focus on an initiative closer to home. Numerous Northern Manitoban communities live without clean drinking water and this is an issue we would like to tackle with the next H2O necklace donation. If you know of an organization we could get involved with please let us know in the comments!

We thank our amazing customers for being involved in our philanthropic initiatives, without you we wouldn’t be able to provide these communities with the resources for clean drinking water!

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