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The Magic of Milestones – Morgan Fontaine

Milestones, like unicorns, are know for embracing the magic of life. While unicorns are far more elusive, milestones are found all along the path of a lifetime.

Milestones are the markers of life events, from birthdays to graduations, engagements, marriages and achievements of all kinds. They may be turning points that lead to new aspirations, growth or fulfillment of dreams. They are opportunities to celebrate all the meaningful moments of life.

Jewelry pieces are tangible and enduring mementos of milestones. Jewelry by Hilary Druxman Design is inspired by nature, minimalist style and modern fashion. Each piece is handcrafted in sterling silver, yellow, white or rose gold. Handset coloured gemstones are collectible, wearable reminders of life’s magical moments.

Gemstones are creations of nature, magic themselves, revealing a stunning diversity of beautiful shades and colours. Natural gemstones such as sapphire, diamond, spinel, ruby, moonstone and labradorite are minerals, rocks or organic matter formed below the Earth’s surface. Organic gemstones such as pearls originate from living organisms formed into stones by natural processes.

The power of celebration is to embrace and appreciate achievement, cherish others and share in the fullness of emotions. The magic of milestones is to motivate reflection and thoughtful consideration of past and future choices, decisions and plans.

Jewelry to commemorate a milestone is not only a lasting marker on the narrative of life, but will forever be a unique inspiration for the road ahead.

Be unique. Be inspired.

“Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead”¬†– Nelson Mandela


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