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Why We Love Micro Gold

Fall is a great time for fashion. With the leaves changing, chunky sweaters coming out of storage and yummy fall drinks making their way back into our morning routine; your jewelry should flawlessly fit in with the most fashionable season of the year. And this fall we are all about micro gold necklaces. These tiny pieces are making a huge comeback and here are some reasons why you need to get on board:

Our micro gold necklaces are environmentally friendly. These eco chic designs are made from up cycled gold. We take old unwanted gold jewelry and turn them into beautiful new pieces, keeping them out of landfills and your junk drawer.

With our up-cycling jewelry program we are constantly collecting, refining and repurposing previously loved gold pieces. This process allows us to keep costs low making micro gold necklaces more affordable. Thus, you can get more pieces for layering!

Micro gold necklaces simplify your life, keeping your look always polished and put together with little effort. Jewelry doesn’t have to be something you have to think about too much or change with every outfit. They are multi occasional and will fit perfectly with every style.

S0 small and delicate, yet micro gold necklaces make a big statement. The understated sophistication of micro gold necklaces give the impression of upscale elegance.