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The Bracelet; One or More

Historically, bracelets are one of the oldest forms of jewelry and are worn by cultures all over the world. They are accessories that have maintained in constant admiration; serving as family heirlooms and timeless aaccessories.

When worn individually, a single bracelet serves as an understated accent. When repeated, it becomes a bold statement that adds polish to your outfit.

When we look closely at design in nature, we see repetition of many small elements that make up the whole. For example: the fascinating repetition of the petals on a rose or the scales on a pinecone.


Use the concept of design in nature to inspire your accessorizing. The beauty of the accessory flourishes when layered and paired together. Play with multiples of the same bracelet, perhaps something similar to our sterling silver cuff . When this simple, elegant piece is worn in multiples, it creates a much grander look.


To push the boundaries of your individual creativity, consider wearing bracelets of different widths, materials, shapes, textures and colours.

Invest in assembling a collection of bracelets, or statement bracelets to enhance your attire.

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