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More Than a Necklace

At Hilary Druxman, we take pride in creating pieces that our customers will love. Our philanthropy pieces hold special meaning as the purchase of one affects so many.

To give you a better idea of what a piece of jewelry could mean to someone, we have a wonderful article written about our piece for Never Alone Foundation by Joyce, a woman who will tell you just how a Hilary Druxman necklace can be so much more than a necklace.

The Never Alone Foundation motto comes for the words of Helen Keller. “Alone we can do so little… together, we can do so much.”

My sister Jan is deaf/blind. So you can understand Helen Keller meaning a lot to her. She bought three necklaces, one for her sister-in-law Pat, a breast cancer survivor, one for me (I was just diagnosed with ACC) and one for Catherine, her youngest wiser. Jane felt the necklaces had a double meaning for our family.

By the fall of that year, Catherine had be diagnosed with breast cancer.

I bought my daughter Andrea and my daughter-in-law Chelsea a necklace, and Catherine bought her daughters Kate and Jill a necklace for Christmas.

We all wear our necklaces to show we are together in this fight and that we are not alone.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer February 2015. Catherine lost her fight with cancer May 30th, 2015. We remain united and are not alone, as we support each other with our loss and our continued fight with cancer.

The feeling of never being alone during this time is so important and this necklace represents this. Especially for my family, we all wear our necklaces showing our bond and support. Just seeing my loved one wearing the necklace reminds me that I am not alone. Words cannot express the feelings of love I feel when I see my daughter at my side wearing the same necklace as me.


One thought on “More Than a Necklace

  • Andrea Ferguson says:

    My mom, Joyce, lost her battle with ACC, May 2019. She was holding onto 3 more necklaces for her granddaughters. I gave them their Never Alone necklaces today and we will continue to support each other with our loss and think of all those fighting cancer when we wear our necklaces. These necklaces hold a very special place in our hearts.

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