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Behind the Scenes @ Hilary Druxman

The Behind the Scenes series will take a look behind the closed doors of Hilary Druxman. We’ll give you a glipse into what we do, how we do it, and at the amazing team of people behind it all.

The Hilary Druxman team consists of ten talented individuals that have the ability to wear many hats and make everything happen behind the scenes.

Whether they are answering phones, cleaning up castings, managing production, soldering silver, shipping orders, setting gemstones, bookkeeping, photography, graphic design, sizing rings, drawing down wire, brainstorming, hammering gold plate, setting up wax models, designing, helping customers or stringing pearls, they do it with a style and grace I am so proud of.

I dedicate this first blog post to my talented teammates that support me and each other daily in our endeavours to provide the best customer service we can.
With much gratitude,



1537-Hilary Druxman_BTS 2

1537-Hilary Druxman_BTS4

Photography by Pauline Boldt

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