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Fancy Pug

When owner Hilary Druxman brought her Pug Jojo to the office for a visit, the staff got excited… like really excited. This adorable pup was happily greeting customers, assisting with paperwork and discovered that her calling in life is modelling. The afternoon turned into a full blown photo shoot with one very pugtastic model.


Hilary Druxman Pearls

Classy pugs wear pearls


Gazing off into the distance.. someone mentioned a treat.


Looking pugsquisite in ropes of amethyst

Looking pugsquisite in ropes of amethyst


Oh my puggness she is adorable!

Oh my puggness she is adorable!


A special thanks to Jojo who was so patient with us while we dressed her up! Also, thanks to our coworker Jennifer, and her amazing pet photography skills! You can see more of her work on her Facebook page. Please note all jewelry shown is made for humans, not dogs and is available for purchase in our shop.

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