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Collection No 61: Steeped in Ancient Metalsmith Techniques

Hilary Druxman is proud to announce the launch of Collection No 61. This collection uses ancient metalsmith techniques to create shadowy moonscapes on the surface of each piece.

Smooth sheets of silver are carefully heated through a process called reticulation, where by the copper alloy in the silver is pooled and melted under a thin layer of pure silver. The silver sheets are then hand pierced into the various designs and tiny spheres of precious silver or gold are fused to create delicate patterns, this is an ancient technique called granulation. The reticulated surfaces and granulated details of the jewelry pieces in Collection No 61 allow the wearer to introduce a new type of metal texture to their jewelry collection which can be worn alone or layered with sterling silver, gold or rose gold designs.

Behind the scenes in our studio we are always collaborating, creating and reinterpreting ideas. This latest collection is a prime example of our talented goldsmiths who have taken old world techniques and created a modern interpretation for Collection No 61.





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