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Celebrating Mom

TapestryMorgan Fontaine


Our life stories are tapestries, woven from the threads of the lives, relationships and experiences of those who came before us, those with us now, and those yet to come.  The mother figures in our lives are central within the threads that bind us.

These are the threads that shape us, whether they arise from our birth mother, a mothering person, an auntie, a friend, or you, a mother yourself. They’re the ones who are nurturing. The ones whose hearts beat in a symphony with ours. The ones whose voices are love songs to our ears.

These threads are woven with guidance and protection, caring and love. Within our tapestries are all the threads of knowing who we are and where we come from. The visible patterns express our stories, values, traditions and teachings.

Our tapestries are resplendent with threads of shared memories, tears, laughter, joys and sorrows. These are the threads of perfect understanding and intimate relationships. There may also be some lingering knots or unraveled threads with frayed ends needing repairs.

The threads of our lives are indelibly woven together in ever-widening circles of time. Now is the time to wrap ourselves in the tapestries of our mother relationships. Revel in the warmth, love and safety they bestow. Join hands, hearts beating as one, and in that moment, experience the grace of connection, love and gratitude.

Celebrate all who mother us. Love, and be loved.

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