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Beauty in Balance

Beauty in Balance Morgan Fontaine

All in nature illustrates the beautiful perfection of balance and symmetry,  simplicity and grace. The massive spread of an eagle’s wings, the delicate poise of a sparrow on a twig, the perfect formation of geese in flight, the natural world is a creation of balance.

We too can live with balance and simplicity in our lives, homes,  careers, families and relationships. All of our choices can be naturally aligned to achieve balance, peace and joy when we use our time and energy to live simply and with grace. Simplicity motivates balance, appreciation and gratitude, qualities that endure the test of time.

At Hilary Druxman Design, in Winnipeg’s heritage Exchange District, minimalist fine jewelry is inspired by nature, and handmade in silver and yellow, white and rose gold. Natural gemstones in a vast array of brilliant earth colors are handset.

Strong, simple, unique and original jewelry designs are the foundation of elegant, sophisticated style, equally suited to casual, professional and formal wear.

Canadian designer Hilary Druxman encourages repurposing, restyling and recycling jewelry to uphold the values of preservation and protection of nature’s resources.

Balance and simplicity can be achieved by conscious choices in all aspects of our lives. Take time to see a tiny bird on a wire, the curl of petals on a garden flower, or the symmetry of a big shade tree, then take a moment to appreciate we are all creations of nature. We are all meant to live with beauty in balance.

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