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University of Winnipeg Opportunity Fund Necklace


University of Winnipeg Opportunity Fund Key Charm


University of Winnipeg Opportunity Fund Key Charm

Our Team

Hilary Druxman– Hilary dedicates her unwavering passion, artistry and expertise to jewelry design and handcrafted production. After earning a degree in Economics at the University of Manitoba, she learned design, precision craftsmanship, repair and appraisal through eight years experience with Dunn Jewellers. While designing and creating her own sterling silver jewelry, she attained certification as […]

Distinctive Expression

Distinctive Expression…and a Trunk Show! – Morgan Sizeland Fontaine In nature, from elephants to humans, no two are alike. Each is a unique and beautiful creation, in physical appearance, personality, inner qualities and spiritual essence. From earliest times, humans used materials from nature to express their personal identity. Hilary Druxman Design incorporates nature’s gifts, metals […]